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Per scegliere la taglia delle mimetiche U.S.A., utilizzate queste tabelle come riferimento:
Taglia USA Taglia NATO (Height-Chest) Giro torace da a
SMALL 67-71 33-37 84cm 94cm
MEDIUM 67-71 37-41 94cm 104cm
LARGE 67-71 41-45 104cm 114cm
EXTRA LARGE 67-71 45-49 114cm 124cm
XX-LARGE 67-71 49-53 124cm 135cm
3X-LARGE 67-71 53-57 135cm 145cm
Taglia USA Taglia NATO (Inseam-Waist) Giro vita da a
SMALL 29.5-32.5 27-31 69cm 79cm
MEDIUM 29.5-32.5 31-35 79cm 89cm
LARGE 29.5-32.5 35-39 89cm 99cm
EXTRA LARGE 29.5-32.5 39-43 99cm 109cm
XX-LARGE 29.5-32.5 43-47 109cm 119cm
3X-LARGE 29.5-32.5 47-51 119cm 130cm


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